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· Dec 23rd — Breakfast at Asbury United Methodist Church, 11th and K Streets, NW.  Doors open at 9:00am

Grand Central Station Group

Feeding Our Guests, One Plate At A Time

Welcome to our humble home! 


Grand Central Station Group believes that every individual has the right to eat and live in dignity and with respect, no mater where they are or who they are.  We believe that individuals have to right to free medical and dental services and the right to be taught or trained in useful skills to help them move from poverty to the middle class and enjoy life like everyone else.


We believe that whether you’re working, homeless, low or moderate income or whatever your case may be, you’re more than welcome to come in and have a meal with us and take part in the various activities or services offered by any of our Family Organizations.


We do have one requirement … that is if you are new, please see our host to register.  We will not ask too many personal questions, but just enough to know who you are (for statistical reporting purposes only).  All information will be kept in strict confidence.  We will give you a GCS Membership Card so that when you come “home” to eat or use our services, show us the card so we will know who you are.  Yes!  The Card is FREE.

Welcome to Grand Central Station Group!

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