Assisting GCSofDC Financially

More people who care about others helps us to make sure that those in need receive a free delicious, nutritious meal

Grand Central Station of DC(GCSofDC), like many non profits uses various fundraising projects to help our organization continuously provide services to our valued Guests. 

Fundraising is consistently an important goal.  We are always looking for a steady flow of donations that can help keep our organization in motion so that we can turn our focus to the really important stuff … Feeding our guests.

Our current fundraising project is listed below.  Just follow the instructions and links to participate and donate.  All donations are tax-deductible and can be made through  You may also donate the old fashion way and send a check or money order to Grand Central Station of DC; 1737 E Street NE #2; Washington, DC  20002.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

GCS Breakfast Cookbook

Publication Date — January 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

It is often said that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and Grand Central Station of DC agrees which is why we are preparing a wonderful custom cookbook featuring favorite recipes from our staff, guests, donors and supporters and we would like to hear from you.  Our cookbook will be professionally published, and it is certain to become a treasured keepsake.

The theme for our cookbook will be focused on Breakfast and we are asking you to submit 3 – 5 of your favorite Breakfast recipes (including beverages) so you can be represented in our organization’s cookbook.  We have made it easy for you by setting up a dedicated website for you to enter your recipes.  Please go to:


 1. (or Click the Cookbook below) (look for the yellow “Login” button and click it)

2. The username is “gcsgbreakfast” and the password is “pickle961”   … Press SUBMIT

3. Please Click ADD RECIPES

4. Enter Your Personal Information.  To give you credit, please enter the same information each time if asked.  Additional Contributor could be an additional contributor, your state, your company, etc.  Same for the second Additional Contributor

5. Please enter the name (title) of the recipe and if there is a subtitle, please enter that also.

6. Please choose a category for your recipe.

7. Please enter your ingredients and the description.

8. Grand Central Station reserves the right to edit (Not taking away or adding to your recipe.  We will show you proof of our editing before publication)

9. Any questions, please contact Grand Central Station (240) 771-0568.

Your name will be printed with each of your recipes so please enter it the same way each time.  Thank you in advance for contributing recipes as this will help to ensure that our cookbook will be a huge success as we continue to help the low income and homeless individuals and families in Washington, DC.

We anticipate a great demand for our cookbooks, and we want to be certain to order plenty.  You can reserve one or more cookbooks for yourself and your family at this time. To be assured of receiving them please use our donation page, FundHero, also FundHero will allow you to complete the payment.  This will let us know how many cookbooks you would like to order and gives you the opportunity to pay for your cookbooks.  The cookbooks are $14.00 each.


It's Breakfast Time

It's Breakfast Time is an annual cookbook produced by Grand Central Station of DC. We want to make sure your recipes are included and ask that you click the cookbook to enter your recipes!